Win32 Apps Can Be Packaged as App-X and Deployed from Windows Store - Huge for Devs, IT Pros & Users

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 4/30/2015

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Later this year, Microsoft will enable developers to package Win32 apps with App-X, which will allow those apps to be deployed via the Windows store.

This opens up a great opportunity for developers to monetize those Win32 apps—hopefully while migrating them to the Universal Windows Platform (hint, hint, developers!).

For IT Pros, and for users, this is huge. App-X creates a virtualized container for the application, which reduces (eliminates, really) the potential for conflicts between applications. Office 2013 Pro Plus runs using App-V, which is one of the reasons you can now run side-by-side installations of Office 2013 with older versions of Office. Installation of apps can also be done by non-administrative users (!) and installation is streamed, which means users can keep working, and start working with the new app, before it's even finished installing. If you've installed Office 2013 this way, you know how this works—you can start working while the application continues to "stream" the installation.

I'm assuming and am confident that, as apps, this means installation and upgrade will be hugely improved. As you know, apps are stored with your account, so if you get a new computer, you can reinstall apps quickly and easily. Configuration "follows" you as you get new devices. Great for users and for the IT pros that support them.

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