It's all about How Teams Work - Future of SharePoint

Benjamin Niaulin

by Benjamin Niaulin on 5/4/2015

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It's all about How Teams Work - Future of SharePoint

The reason many of us are here at Ignite is to figure out what's going on. The industry is changing and so is Microsoft, but so is our workforce and expectations from the technology at the office. 

The message from the Keynote is "Transformation". It's time to stop looking for the next version of SharePoint even though there is going to be one. It's about the experiences and how they are delivered and used. 

We've heard the words personal natural experience meaning it has to be friction-free for the user and still manageable by IT. And that's where we saw the efforts in the keynote and few sessions so far. 

New stuff in Delve that we had seen like the profiles, but what I found very exciting was Groups profiles as well and integration of other signals. 

They also announced Delve will work in Hybrid with both On-Premises 2013 and 2016! 

Another exciting thing is the new Delve Dashboard that looks brilliant and actually very useful to get insight on your teams. 



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