SharePoint updates and patching reimagined: ANNOUNCEMENT at Ignite

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 5/6/2015

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SharePoint updates and patching reimagined: ANNOUNCEMENT at Ignite

In the past, patching SharePoint was a crazy thing, in which an update included actual code updates plus language packs.

In SharePoint 2016, Microsoft is reducing the footprint (size) of patches, which leads to optimal performance. Updates will execute faster with ZERO DOWNTIME.  Updates will be in-place and online.

This is a direct result of Microsoft's experience in the cloud, where patches must be deployed in a way that supports 99.9% uptime. Microsoft orchestrates updates differently in Office 365, with reduced footprint, reduced number of MSI's and MSPs, and zero dowtime.

All of this is now coming to SharePoint Server on-premises.

This also has a quality impact--the new structure of patching reduces entropy (the number of ways a system can be arranged) and atrophy (patches that are 'wasting away' as part of the installation itself).

Zero-downtime, significantly smaller footprint updates, and higher quality patching.

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