Getting ready to Build 2015! Live blogging tomorrow morning 8.30am PT

Naomi Moneypenny

by Naomi Moneypenny on 4/28/2015

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Getting ready to Build 2015! Live blogging tomorrow morning 8.30am PT
Excited to be live blogging this year on IT Unity about Build! If you are not familiar with Build, it's one of the power troika of Microsoft annual events. The Convergence conference, having grown from the Dynamics business, is aimed at enterprise users and business decision makers of Microsoft technologies, Ignite is a new event, melding the TechEd, SharePoint Conference, Project, MEC & MMS shows, coming up next week is for IT decision makers and implementers and Build (tomorrow) is aimed at developers across all Microsoft platforms, and always has new and often consumer informed experience announcements.

Unfortunately, tickets for Build are difficult to come by, and the day they released them, I was in meetings for a couple of hours and by the time I saw the announcement they were already sold out. Sigh. I feel that over the years Build has slowly been raising in stature as a conference, not just from a Microsoft perspective but across platforms. Much of this is driven by massive growth of Azure, providing IaaS to PaaS to SaaS offerings, making encouraging consumption of those services a priority and creating innovative applications that can leverage the incredible power the cloud brings us.

So I'm looking forward to cool things tomorrow, I'll be especially looking out for updates and reporting on:

- IoT (internet of things) a huge source of raw data that we will want to consume in our apps

- Azure Active Directory (because identity management is crucial for making the leap to enterprise software and empowering a workforce that is trending to more and more contractor/consulting relationships)

- Azure Service Fabric (quite possibly the coolest thing ever and the bridge between on-prem and the cloud to make seamless running an actual real thing)

- Office 365 (because we all need to collaborate more efficiently and apps are keys to providing targeted solutions to your problems)

See you in about 11 hours!

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