One of the first public glimpses of @SharePoint Server 2016

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 5/3/2015

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One of the first public glimpses of @SharePoint Server 2016

Sesha Mani opens SharePoint Server 2016, giving one of the first public 'views' of the next version of SharePoint.

This is a very very early, rough build--the kind of build that normally isn't shown to the public. (I love how Microsoft is changing!) So don't assume that everything here will be the same--even in the next build.

However, there is a very important addition to the UI: There is an app launcher! This is being considered when hybrid is enabled, to ensure a seamless user experience. Note the word 'considered'--it might change. However, I would definitely put my money on an app launcher making it into final builds.


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