MinRole deployment, enforcement and health check

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 5/6/2015

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MinRole deployment, enforcement and health check

SharePoint 2016 will enable administrators to deploy SharePoint servers for specific roles--a feature currently called MinRole. Each role is defined with appropriate services and configuration. This results in a better-tuned server with a smaller footprint that complies with Microsoft's highly-tested understanding of what a role's configuration should be.

In the past, installing a SharePoint server laid down all the 'bits', then configuration turned them on or not. And along the way, admins could make all kinds of mistakes.

After installation, health analyzer rules will run against servers and notify admins if any configuration deviates from the expected configuration for the role.

Admins will still have the opportunity to install a single-server installation (for similar scenarios of dev, test, and training as in legacy versions), and to configure a "special load" server, which effectively is a custom installation, similar to today's versions of SharePoint. You can configure the server any way you want, but the server won't be analyzed by the health rules.

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