The Microsoft Legal Matter Center demo-ish

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 4/29/2015

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The Microsoft Legal Matter Center demo-ish

As he did in London at SharePoint Evolution, Jeremy Thake showed off the Matter Center, which is more than a demo.  

It's an app or add-in (really, both) that Microsoft LCA (legal and compliance) use in production. Each legal matter becomes a site collection behind the scenes, which enables tight information management. 

Outlook add-in allows users to easily upload docs into a matter. A dashboard provides the LCA org insight into matters across the globe.

There's clearly some desire to get this solution out in the wild, to the community, so that legal professionals can take advantage of it.  Based on Rob Leffert's emphatic statement that Microsoft is not getting into the legal vertical, it also sounds like there's some internal discussions about whether or how to release the Matter Center. 

I know a lot of law firms would LOVE this, and it would provide an entry point for them into Office 365 (and SharePoint 2016?) that would pave the way for partners to take the baton to the finish line and build out a strong legal offering on Office 365.

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