Micosoft BI Overview - BRK2556

Sandra Mahan

by Sandra Mahan on 5/5/2015

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Great to see Microsoft stepping up the game in the BI realm. So much that can now be done. Excited to see the focus and investments being made. I love me some Reporting Services. Thank you for giving us some updates in 2016. Turn over the power to our end users. Enablement is important. DATAZEN brings BI to the mobile World.

3rd Wave of BI - For Everyone.  Combines Technical BI + Self Service BI + End User BI.

Empower the Business Analyst.  BI on your terms.

SQL Server 2016 - Reporting Services
• Run in modern browsers
• Improved parameters
• Modern themes
• New chart types

Investing in it, it's important to them.

Recently acquired DATAZEN - Mobile BI Apps for SQL Server
• For solutions implemented on-premises.
• Rich, interactive data visualization on all major mobile platforms
• Download at no additional cost for customers 2008 or later and Software Assurance

Power BI Designer
• Free desktop visual data exploration and report tool. Free - Will always be free!
• Power Query + Power Pivot + Power View
• Publish and share interactive visual reports to users of Power BI

Constantly updating.

Check it out at https://powerbi.com. Get Data. So many connections options. SalesForce shown. Pre-defined content from the experts. Out-of-the-box. Two-factor authentication. Just provide your credentials and it connects to your data and you have the dashboard in moments. Then ask it questions to quickly show you results. Easily move the dashboard tiles and resize.

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