Meetings get a long overdue re-imagining from Skype

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 5/4/2015

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Meetings--whether ad-hoc or prescheduled--are a fact of life, eating hours a day. IT Unity's workforce is entirely remote, so every meeting is virtual, but in most organizations, one, more, or all attendees are remote. With body language being such a key piece of communication, video becomes a critical piece of meeting technology. And it's been super painful for most organizations for a very long time.

By bringing Skype into the Office 365 family, Microsoft is powering meetings with a video platform that supports millions of minutes of video-communication every single day.

Moving forward, every meeting scheduled in Office 365 will automatically be a Skype for Business meeting.

Julia White demoed the vision. Starting in Delve, Julia finds the information she needs to prepare for the meeting. One of the assets is a video, which displays from the Office 365 Videos portal. With a quick search, Julia finds a group focused on UX design and a team member, Cem Aykan. The new Group and People experiences surfaced in Delve--for the first time in public. From there, Julia is able to contact Cem and start a meeting with Skype for Business.

And there's hardware integration the great hardware integration across the Surface Hub, Skype Room Systems, and with partners like Crestron, Polycom and Smart.

My favorite announcement: Skype for Business broadcast meetings letting you broadcast meetings up to 10,000 people real-time, and supporting dynamic playback.  

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