Ignite Keynote

Sandra Mahan

by Sandra Mahan on 5/4/2015

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Amazing start to the conference. So much incredible information. The highlights for me:

- Move IT (Information Technology) from delivering technology to driving Innovation and Transformation.

- IT is at the intersection of the following three areas:  Create More Personal Computing, Reinvent Productivity & Business Processes, and Build the Intelligent Cloud.

- It's you that's mobile, not necessarily the device. 

- Windows Hello - Looking for you security. No longer need to input a password. Biometrics is the way to go. No data leakage. Quick sign in for users which will delight them.

- Modern workplace: It's what you do, not where you go.

Reinvigorated and excited for the future. So glad I've hitched my wagon to the shooting star that is Microsoft.

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