Empower Individuals & Organizations

Naomi Moneypenny

by Naomi Moneypenny on 7/13/2015

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Empower Individuals & Organizations

Satya Nadella captures some key attributes - huge partner ecosystem all about the success of our customers.

Mobility is not simply about devices, its about our own human mobility. Its all about us - not the devices. This is very similar to the theme in The Learning Layer - no more zombie systems - computers must learn about people not the other way around anymore.

Democratize the ability for technology to be a true differentiation for each and every business. A passion for me is 'high value' IT - not what we do as opex reduction, running apps & infrastructure co, but instead that which actually creates and grows revenues for your company.

Collaboration is at the core of everything, in our personal lives as well as our business lives.

Reducing the cost of dealing with exceptions is part of the future of business productivity, Gigjam is a new canvas, an intelligent dynamic application that creates linkages between data sources to help knowledge workers identify the issue more efficiently


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