Day 1 of Ignite a great success

Chris Bayot

by Chris C. Bayot on 5/5/2015

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Day 1 of Ignite a great success

I have to admit I was doubtful about spending a week with 23,000 fellow attendees at North America's largest conference center, but I tip my hat to Microsoft for yet again pulling off a very smooth running event. The fact that we're at McCormack Place in beautiful Chicago doesn't hurt, either. 

It's clear in what's been stated and what's been shown that "Mobile First | Cloud First" is an actuality in Microsoft's strategy. There are great improvements in regard to mobile access across the Office platform that will allow for companies to more easily support BYOD.  Yes, folks, we are even going to be able to access SharePoint lists and libraries with a user-friendly mobile experience. There is a big focus on ensuring that the end user has a seamless and natural experience online which will pay off big in user adoption.

My favorite part of the day, came at the very end of the late afternoon keynote when Skype Translator was shown. An English speaking student in Washington State talked with a Spanish speaking student in Mexico while Skype Translator translated the conversation as is happened.  This allowed the girls to carry on a complete conversation with each speaking in her native language. This is the kind of technology that can break through social barriers and open eyes and hearts in a whole new way.  This is not just game changing, it's life changing ... the kind of stuff that can bridge divides and help to bring a world together. 

Well done, Microsoft.

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