Data Security Is Critical

Christian Buckley

by Christian Buckley on 7/15/2015

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At the Microsoft WPC keynote on July 15, 2015, Brad Smith, EVP talked about "Putting trust at the core of technology" telling the audience that Microsoft is not just building a company, but a community. He talked at length about the terrorist activities that happened last year to highlight changes in trust, security, and, ultimately, freedom of speech—and how it all relates to encryption and data security changes and how quickly laws and perceptions can change.

Microsoft has been putting tremendous resources into data security, and Brad shared 4 Microsoft cloud commitments:

-We'll keep your data secure

-Your data is private and under your control

-We manage data in accordance to the law

-You'll know what we're doing with your data

Relevant to this point is a recent ebook I wrote for Datto entitled "Defending Your Office 365 Data" which you can find here

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