BUILD 2015 Wrap-Up, Announcements & Highlights, with highlights video

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 5/1/2015

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BUILD 2015 Wrap-Up, Announcements & Highlights, with highlights video

Build 2015 just wrapped up.  I can't emphasize how huge much of what happened here this week really is. It's going to take awhile for us all to digest it.  But Microsoft just made a very real and, I think, very effective powerplay to own much of the cloud as it is used by enterprises. When Microsoft says "Mobile First, Cloud First" it really means to make itself first in mobile and first in the cloud.

By opening its ecosystem to developers from all backgrounds, toolsets, and preferences, Microsoft has positioned itself as the one "big tent" where developers can reach not only the ecosystem of their origin, but also an ecosystem of what Microsoft promises to be 1 billion Windows devices in 2 years.

And by innovating on devices, as illustrated by HoloLens, the Band, Surface Hub, and with Continuum on Windows phones and tablets, Microsoft makes a very good case for the uniquenesses of its devices and ecosystem as well.

If you missed BUILD, I recommend that you use this video to 'catch up' with the major announcements. You can also check out our first-ever live blog of Build 2015 to catch up on many of the announcements made during the keynotes.

When you find something that is exciting to you, pop over to the appropriate team's blog on Microsoft's web site and dig into the details.  

You may have missed some or all of the event, but Microsoft clearly wants you in their tent!

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