Let me Sway You on the Future of SharePoint!

An insiders look at the Future of SharePoint Event - May 4, 2016

Jennifer Mason

by Jennifer Ann Mason on 5/3/2016

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To say I am excited for the Future of SharePoint event would be a mild understatement! To share what I learn with others and to provide an up to date review of the experience I have created a Sway presentation.


Prior to the event start and then post event I will use this place to provide some updates and to share some insider content so that you can see first hand what the event was like. 


Sway is the perfect tool to create this type of summary for a few reasons:

  1. It allows me to create a rich and dynamic presentation from media that I am gathering at the event.
  2. I can do all of it with my iPhone.
  3. Everything I add is available immediately.
  4. It tells a story and lets the viewers experience the event through my point of view.

If you haven't dome much with Sway yet, I hope you take this opportunity to review my presentation and then use what you see as inspiration for creating your own!  What if you offered to put on together for your next SharePoint Saturday event or conference?  Sway is a great tool to share your perspective with others and I hope you will dig a bit deeper into it!  I hope you enjoy the presentation that I have created!  Feel free to share any comments below, and check back often for live updates!

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