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Scot Hillier

by Scot Hillier on 1/31/2015

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If you are attending my Microsoft Office Developer Camp at either SPTechCon in Austin, TX or SPTechCon Developer Days in Burlingame, CA, this article contains steps you should take to be properly prepared for the workshop. 

This workshop is an intense, hands-on day of writing code. All of your work will take place in a cloud environment consisting of an Office 365 developer tenant and Microsoft Azure using Visual Studio 2013. Although the workshop has some time built in to prepare your environment, success for the day largely depends upon you having a suitable development environment. Therefore, it is important that you prepare the environment ahead of time to the greatest extent possible.

Office 365 and Azure

Before arriving, you should sign up for an Office 365 developer tenant and Microsoft Azure subscription. These environments are free, but the sign up process can be a little tricky.

To help you sign up successfully, I have created a video that details the process. The order of things is important here, so please watch the video first.

I recommend you use the Chrome browser during the sign-up process (fewer issues with login cookies).

You’ll also need a credit card for the Azure subscription, but this is only for identity verification. The environment is free.


You’ll need a laptop capable of connecting to the Internet and having Visual Studio 2013 installed.

Each student will be given a hard-wired Internet connection. So please be sure to bring whatever cables your machine needs.

Do not rely on the conference wireless for this workshop. It is unlikely to be responsive enough for a good experience.

Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio will be used for all of the exercises. The exercises assume Visual Studio 2013, Update 4.

If you already have Visual Studio, then just update it to the latest.

If you do not have Visual Studio 2013, then you can download a trial.

Inside of Visual Studio 2013, you will also need to install the Microsoft Office 365 API Tools. You can get these from the Extensions and Updates manager .


All of the starter code, demos, and labs are available in a GitHub repository and you will need to clone that repository during the workshop.

You can clone the repo using the browser interface, or any Git tool such as GitHub for Windows.

If you are familiar with GitHub and want to clone the repo early, that’s fine. If you are not familiar with GitHub, I’ll help you the morning of the workshop.

One thing to note about cloning, the file names and folders are deep in the repo, so be sure to clone onto your laptop at the root of the file system. Otherwise, you may get errors because file path names are too long.


One of the labs uses Android Studio to create a mobile app.

The lab walks you through the setup steps, but it would be a good idea to at least download and install the Android Studio environment ahead of time.


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