Son Explains Cloud to Grandma

Agnes Molnar

by Agnes Molnar on 11/1/2014

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In the previous post, I described my son's "first time" with Cloud.

A couple of weeks after, I was speaking at SPC Adriatics in Zagreb. My Office Graph and Delve session was the second one in the morning, right after Dan Holme's Cloud session (good timing!). Ten minutes before my start, my laptop decided to update itself...

1 out of 26...

2 out of 26...

No hope to get ready by the beginning of my session.

Dan came and saved my life (or at least, my session :) ) - I've got his Surface, downloaded my slide decks from OneDrive, and I was all set. I was able to make my session, yay!

(The update on my laptop took more than 40 min...)

When I got home from Zagreb, I started to tell this story to my family. My son interrupted: "I bet you used some another laptop and got your presentation from the Cloud!"

My mother-in-law joined the discussion immediately: "Now, tell me, what this Cloud is! Everyone is talking about it but I don't get it at all!" (She's a very young, modern, energetic Grandma, with smartphone, tablet, Skype and Facebook profile, etc.)

And my son started to explain: "You know, Grandma, you have your laptop, for example. When you create a new test or survey to your students, that's a document. If you store it on your laptop, you cannot access it from anywhere. Cloud is a BIIIIIIIG something where you can store your documents and can access from anywhere."

Then he continued: "Mom uses the Cloud, and she stores her everything there. Her presentation was uploaded in the Cloud when her laptop stopped working. She could do her session because she was able to access the Cloud from Dan's laptop."

(Some thinking, then asking me)

"Mom, you had to enter YOUR password on Dan's laptop, right? He had had no access to your presentation, did he?"

When I convinced him he was right, he continued.

"Grandma, but the Cloud is much more. Do you know what a database is?"

From this point, the discussion got fuzzy. We started to talk about databases instead of the Cloud, and I couldn't figure out what he wanted to tell with this :)

But he got the point and could explain the presentation story to Grandma on behalf of me.

More to come, I'm sure. Not sure when and what, but I feel it's just the beginning :)

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