Five Reasons to Join Me at SHAREPOINT & OFFICE 365 Intersection

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 10/15/2014

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I’ve spent a lot of time at events in 2014. When people ask me what I think about various events—and which event I’d “recommend” to them—it’s a relatively easy question for me to answer because each event has its own unique tone, character and strengths.

I’ll be spending mid-November in Las Vegas, Nevada, at SHAREPOINT & OFFICE 365 Intersection. I’d like to extend an invitation to the entire SharePoint and Office 365 community to attend. Here are five reasons I think it’s worth your time and money to join me!


I’m really excited about the Intersection conference because the organizers are breaking away from the norm to create an event that really focuses on helping attendees learn and solve problems.

Most events are a somewhat random collection of a couple dozen 60- to 90-minute sessions. While there’s certainly value in that format, and it gives attendees a chance to hear talks on a variety of topics from a variety of perspectives, there is no end-to-end “story” or context for the separate sessions.

Partially due to my insistence that the community could be better served, the team at SHAREPOINTintersection took the effort to focus the event on business scenarios and solutions rather than purely on technology.

They structured the event’s content around 12 scenarios and solutions, including sessions for IT professionals, developers, business users, and management. Because, unlike some other technologies, success with SharePoint requires the business and IT teams to work together, and because lines between those roles are increasingly blurred.

The result is that if you’re being tasked with and measured by solving business problems, you’re going to be able to learn everything you need to do so: from strategy to architecture to implementation and administration to adoption to governance and compliance to extending the solution as a power user or developer. You’ll get the “full story” as you take a journey through several sessions that guide you from beginning to end. And, just as in the real world, you’ll consider the pros and cons of on-prem versus cloud versus hybrid approaches to solutions.


SHAREPOINT & OFFICE 365 Intersection has an extraordinary line up of experts presenting the content. And as valuable as I would like to think I and my colleagues are, I know that even more valuable are the quality connections you can make with other attendees who are out there in the real world, trying to solve the same problems you’re solving. Intersection has a well-deserved reputation for being a friendly, personal event where valuable friendships and professional networks are formed.

Shirley Brothers and her husband Gary, who helm the operations of Intersection, are great folks with whom I’ve worked for 15 years, from their original Microsoft-focused event, Connections, through to today. Their events have always fostered a strong community and fiercely loyal fans who return year after year.


Shirley’s experience in the industry also means she gets the heaviest hitters from Microsoft to participate, including Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, and Steve Guggenheimer, Rob Lefferts and Jeremy Thake. In fact, Microsoft is going to be using Intersection to talk about some still-not-yet-announced new capabilities in Office 365. If you want to be in on the latest developments, this is the only place to be!


One of SHAREPOINT & OFFICE 365 Intersection’s strengths is that it focuses on more than just SharePoint, and the reality for many of us is that we need to know other technologies as well. Intersection features SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, and SQL Server for IT pros. You can go to any sessions at any of the Intersection events, and thereby create your own “track” that meets your needs.


As much as I’m looking forward to Intersection’s focus on solving business problems with technology by bringing together the business, IT pros, and developers, I know that one of the biggest draws for Intersection events is its (in my opinion) top-notch content for developers across ASP.NET, SQL Server, Azure, Visual Studio, and their open web technologies event, <anglebrackets>.  Again, you can jump between sessions to make the event that’s right for you.


I highly recommend SHAREPOINT & OFFICE 365 Intersection as a way to learn, to develop your career, and to find guidance and solutions for problems you face in your organization. As you look through the content for the event, start with the schedule. It’s a PDF, but it’s the only way you can get a feeling for the “scenarios and solutions” that are being addressed at the event. The “sessions” list on the site has the full descriptions for the many great sessions, but it doesn’t give you a way to understand the way those sessions fit together. If you start with the schedule, you’ll get a feeling for what really makes SHAREPOINT & OFFICE 365 Intersection stand out as we head toward the end of the 2014 event season.

I hope you can join me at SHAREPOINT & OFFICE 365 Intersection.  Learn more and register at

If you've read this far down, I'll help you save $50 off the conference registration. When you register, you can type HOLME in the Discount Code field after you enter your credit card number. 

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