HoloLens Announcement - First Impressions

Agnes Molnar

by Agnes Molnar on 1/22/2015

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Microsoft made some major announcements on Windows 10 yesterday. One of the most exciting, and definitely the very most innovative announcement, was Windows Holographic and the new, game changer device: HoloLens. If you haven't seen the announcement yet, here are some resources:

When I saw these (and more) resources, my impression was: Oh My God! I've always been innovative, liked to try new gadgets and tools, but never had this feeling before. I. Want. It. Period.

Why? I truly believe these new technologies can change the world. As they say in the official video:

"Because when you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see."

This might be true for many aspects of our lives and it is worth many articles and even books, but let's just focus on the relationship of the Holo-technologies and our everyday lives.

Imagine a new generation of 3D planning and architecting.
Imagine how doctors can diagnose and consult with each other - or explain medical conditions and treatments.
Or let's go back to the office. Imagine a world where you can really "look around" in your enterprise-level data jungle. Or in the Office Graph. Or any other knowledge base/graph. Walk around, crawl, zoom, take a closer look at some items, "touch" what you need, etc.
Plus add Cortana to this big picture and wow!!! - The future is here!

Besides my excitement, I showed the official video to my 9-year-old son, too. Without any comments or suggestions from me, he watched the video and got excited instantly. His very first impression was: "Mom, this is how I want to work!" (He wants to be an inventor.)

Some of his ideas of how to use HoloLens:

  • Planning, architecting, inventing - and explaining these plans to others.
  • Virtual traveling - "Mom, if you wear a HoloLens when you travel, we can see what you see! We can be there with you from our own rooms!"
  • Simulating wildlife evolutions  - "what-if" analysis of problems and potential solutions. "There are too many sick forests and seas. We can simulate if and how they can be fixed by different methods."
  • Learning - "Teachers could explain things that we cannot even imagine much easier. Mom, you can also improve your presentations!"
  • Last but not least, my 6-year-old daughter's idea: redesign the interior of any room and choose new colors and decide which option we like the most before doing any real changes.

More to come, but I already had to promise to buy one as soon as it's possible. I'm more than excited to see HoloLens in action. I'm sure one of my son's new challenges will be to learn HoloStudio! ;-)

What do you think? What resonated with you the most? - Let us know!

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