Docusign for SharePoint Online

Scot Hillier

by Scot Hillier on 12/30/2014

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This week, I'm working at half speed over the holiday break preparing for session recordings at the Microsoft Virtual Academy in Redmond next week. One of the demos I have to prepare is the Docusign for SharePoint Online app. I have to say that I am pretty impressed.

Once the app is added to a SharePoint Online site, a new Docusign tab is added to document libraries and the edit-control-block (ECB) menu gets new options as well. From the library, it is simple to prepare a document for signature and define the routing. After that, Docusign handles the rest, and you can track the document though the flow.

I have used Docusign many times as a recipient of documents, but never as a sender. This app makes it ridiculously easy to get started.

Topic: Development

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