Display Template for Tasks in SharePoint 2013

Agnes Molnar

by Agnes Molnar on 2/26/2015

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It's a common requirement to create a "My Tasks" dashboard on the Intranet, where every user can see his/her own open tasks with status, due date and other information.

Custom Display Template for Tasks in SharePoint 2013 Search

In SharePoint 2013, there are several enhanced capabilities that make to aggregate content much easier. We have Search-Driven Web Parts, for example. They provide content based on the Search index, therefore having the tasks crawled and indexed is obviously required. (In case of SharePoint content sources, Continuous Crawl might be a big help here.)

I had to create and further customize this Display Template for several customers and thought it would be helpful to share it.

So if you want to download the Display Template with the fancy "traffic light" icons, click HERE.

The detailed description of the Display Template and instructions on how to use it can be found HERE.

Topic: Search Experiences

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