Windows 10 Reveal: What Resonated with You?

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 1/21/2015

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Microsoft revealed Windows 10 on January 21 at a special event hosted and streamed live from Redmond. You can catch up on what was announced--from Windows to Xbox to Surface to the extraordinary new HoloLens.  That's where I shared my observations. But I'm really curious about what YOU think.  

What resonated? What do you think will impact your life at work, at play, and at home? 

Microsoft HoloLens

Let's start a discussion here. I'd like to encourage a valuable discussion.  Let's not get into religious platform wars or slamming anyone. Let's assume Microsoft brings these technologies to the market exactly as they were shown today (which is a safe bet as a starting point).  What do these things mean? And what promise do they hold moving forward?

You can leave anonymous comments but, if possible, please "Login" using the button at the very top... register if necessary.  Please note we're working on our commenting engine--for now it's just a paragraph of text.  We're working on formatting issues :-)  But please share your thoughts!

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  • The subscription model for Windows is probably the most important shift . We'll see how it all works out. From an IT Administration perspective Microsoft has their foot on the gas with increased frequency of updates and new features to which Administrators cannot keep up with. If the past decade is any indication, Microsoft has done well in solid releases with fewer bugs. Windows 10 working across form factors will increase productivity and adoption. Using the example of SharePoint Online releases of Groups and Boards, they should be more feature complete before release. So they get a bad first impression, and you know what they say about first impressions. Microsoft needs a great first impression with Windows 10, even with the free upgrade, before I'll bite. As for HoloLens, impressive. If it works as advertised HoloLens it will be transformative across so many markets and industries. Time for a career change?
  • The demos of HoloLens were indeed amazing (I personally don't care much about Windows10 and the SurfaceHub).
    I believe this holographic augmented reality experience will be the closest thing to Star Trek's HoloDeck and "Beaming" we will ever get.
    As someone working mostly from the home office, the interaction with customers and clients through Skype/WebEx still feels quite uncomfortable and unpersonal. I imagine if using something like HoloLens becomes commodity (and is less bulky) you could have your virtual meetings in real rooms and it could feel almost like it is real.

    Though I have still no clue how they would record my 3D image like they did with the plumber in the demo video. Do you need a special room with cameras at all angles? Is the HoloLens which you would obviously wear "rendered" out of the picture? When they are at it, they could also let me virtually loose some pounds and replace my apartment pants with a fancy suit ;)

    As a SciFi enthusiast I am really excited how this evolves and wonder if technology is already far enough to be ready for the market. Can't wait to try it out myself!
  • I see, simply, this presentation as two parts. There was the "yeah, whatever" part, and then there was HoloLens. What wasn't HoloLens is a bit like a blur now and now very interesting. Yeah, there's some new stuff coming out, but... Holograms! Yeah, the OS will run on both PCs, tablets, and phones, but... HOLOGRAMS!
  • A non-tech friend just asked a great question about HoloLens: "What will it change?" Here was my off-the-cuff answer: For me, I love these particular use cases that the video & demo showed: 1) Being able to do something new (e.g. fix something, perform a yoga pose) and have someone help me in the space I'm in, not tied to a device. 2) Engineering - CAD & 3D applications - designing. Walking through a house that isn't built yet. Seeing a new product in 3-D without having to build it. 3) Entertainment. We were just talking as NON-TECH friends about how boring it is to watch a football game in person, after you've become addicted to the stats & info in the "lower third". Imagine having that when you watch the game in person? 4) Healthcare. Doctors conferencing in the surgical theatre, etc. Another variation of "call an expert" 5) Gaming 6) New experiences nobody's even thought of yet. A couple of friends told me things they imagined today and can build, that they were never even CAPABLE of imagining yesterday.
  • Oh and as a SharePoint guy, I see a huge shift for collaboration with Windows, collaboration will definitely shift allowing better concentration on the information and "Social" is just part of the interaction.
  • The first thought I had for applying the HoloLens was in dentistry, have a wife in the field, the challenge is both contamination and working with 3D models. I could see this revolutionizing dentistry, crowns could be created and placed holographically for fit and margin, then immediately printed. Charts for patients would be holograms and notes on the patients history could appear on each tooth as it is examined.
  • I see this presentation as three pieces. The first part was about Windows 10 - I liked what I saw and wasn't surprised by much. I expected to see the Windows 10 alignment, same OS on all form factors, focus on Universal Apps etc. It all makes sense. Only part of this which made me really excited was the Xbox One streaming to my Surface - can't wait for it.
    The middle part of the presentation; the Surface Hub - what was that! Well, a nice piece of hardware, but probably to expensive to be a commodity, therefore it will not be an efficient meeting booster, since everyone wants to play with it during meetings.
    The last part..was...just...mind blowing! WOW! I'm really impressed. Actually last time I was this impressed by Microsoft was the Windows Phone presentation or maybe even back to the UMPC concept presentation. HoloLens seems like Google Glass and Oculus Rift got together and made some sweet lovin'! This is a piece of hardware that I actually would queue for. It is really geeky but I don't care!
  • I think besides the obvious gaming, architecture, manufacturing, fashion, etc. opportunities, HoloLens gets into the enterprise business, too. Imagine a world where you can really "look around" in your enterprise-level data jungle. Or in the Office Graph. Or any other Knowledge Base/Graph. Walk around, crawl, zoom, take a closer look on some items, "touch" what you need, etc.
    Plus add Cortana to this big picture and wow!! The future is here! ;-)
  • Another area of interest for me was with Spartan. I liked the inline commenting and mark up and the ability to share them seamlessly. In addition, Cortana will make the entire experience of Windows 10 better, I personally can't wait till these functions are released to insiders.
  • Sorry Dan, that first comment was from me, forgot to login.
  • I can see so many applications for HoloLens, to me I think Microsoft has stolen the thunder from Google Glass, one upping them and coming to market far earlier than you would expect. I just hope they don't release it before it is ready, that has never turned out well. I like the fact HoloLens is an untethered, independent WIndows 10 computing device, this is actually what I mean when I say one upping Google Glass. No need for anything but the device, charge it up and away you go.