Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint: Product Overview

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 6/15/2015

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If you’re interested in validating that SharePoint is delivering results, you need analytics to give you data that shows how it’s being used. Webtrends recently explained to IT Unity what potential customers need to know about the company’s SharePoint Analytics capabilities. This overview aims to help you get a head start in looking at the product to determine whether it’s right for your environment. For details about Webtrends SharePoint Analytics, see http://www.webtrends.com/products-solutions/analytics/sharepoint-analytics-use-cases/.


IT Unity: Could you briefly describe Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint for readers who might be considering such a solution?

Webtrends: Precision measurement of a SharePoint environment enables targeted adoption and engagement strategies, design and experience improvement and proven ROI. Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint is the market-leading measurement solution for SharePoint. It provides user, action, and document level metrics, intuitive reporting and unmatched data security solutions.

IT Unity: What is the specific problem Webtrends Analytics solves?

Webtrends: The top concerns of SharePoint stakeholders are end user adoption and engagement – that it is delivering as designed and expected. As SharePoint continues to evolve, the need to prove ROI is increasing.

IT Unity: Who should consider purchasing Webtrends Analytics?

Webtrends: Typical buyers include executives, corporate communications and HR leaders, and IT directors with large and intricate SharePoint deployments seeking validation of SharePoint performance, impact and value.

IT Unity: What options do customers have as alternatives to Webtrends? How are people dealing with the situation if they don’t have Webtrends?

Webtrends: Some organizations work with surveys and questionnaires to find out how users are working with SharePoint. Considering how important SharePoint can be to organizations, too many are working with suboptimal data and trying to evaluate effectiveness and impact with scant data and assumptions. In order to truly understand SharePoint user behavior and how it delivers value, deep, specific and actionable data organizations require reporting. Surveys and questionnaires do not deliver confidence and performance improvements.

IT Unity: Are there other products in this area?

Webtrends: Microsoft offers an analytics solution with SharePoint, but it is not meant to deliver deep insight. There are a few point-solutions in the market, as well, but they do not gather data through the same means, nor do they offer the confidence and privacy assurances Webtrends does.

IT Unity: What differentiates Webtrends from such point-solutions?

Webtrends: Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint is based on decades of data capture and management expertise. It is specifically designed for the nuances and intricacies of SharePoint and captures the metrics that matter to its organizational stakeholders. With more than 300 customers – including Microsoft itself – Webtrends Analytics is the undisputed market leader for measuring and getting more out of SharePoint.

IT Unity: What industry research or data should potential customers know about that will help them understand your value proposition and evaluate it for their environment?

Webtrends: Webtrends has championed the creation of two thought leadership books on how measurement delivers value in SharePoint environments: Prove It! and – new this year – Improve It! Both books were written by industry luminaries and thought leaders, and validate how the right analytics solution drives value for organizations using SharePoint.

IT Unity: Please point readers to customer testimonials or case studies that show how companies are using Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint.

Webtrends: Please see http://cdn.webtrends.com/files/clientsuccess/WebtrendsCustomerSuccess-Brightstarr.pdf


Webtrends wants readers to know that the company feels it offers unique value to SharePoint organizations. As SharePoint stakeholders look to drive user adoption and inspire users to engage with SharePoint as their first, best resource, measuring user behavior and asset activity enables better design, better workflow and better user experiences. And as more companies seek the advanced collaborative capabilities in the newest versions of SharePoint, pursue hybrid or migration strategies, and depend on SharePoint to deliver broad employee engagement, Webtrends finds that it is more critical than ever to measure and improve SharePoint with its product, which the company considers the most capable analytics solution in the market – Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint.

Topic: Strategy and Adoption

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