Ways to customize the settings of your Skype for Business meeting and make it more secure

It's easy to overlook security in your Skype for Business meetings.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 9/20/2016

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Have you ever joined a Skype for Business meeting, only to find yourself listening to the end of a previous call? Or even worse, you're leading a call about a confidential issue, and non-invitees join and overhear sensitive info? Today, Markus Irby shares some tips on how to keep your Skype meetings secure and under your control.

To get to these options when you are creating your Meeting, select Meeting Options on the ribbon:

Skype for Business Meeting Options icon

Skype Meeting Options Permissions

Under Where do you want to meet online?, select the radio button next to A new meeting space. This generates a new meeting with a unique ID, and you get to customize permissions such as picking presenters (presenters have full control over the meeting), muting people, or blocking video sharing.

Setting the Meeting ID options

Tip:  Just a heads up—this is a new meeting, so you’ll need to upload content or attach the files that you want to include.

These people don’t have to wait in the lobby: Selections under this feature allows you control who joins your meeting without waiting in the ‘lobby’ to be admitted:
Anyone from my organization
Only me, the meeting organizer
People I invite from my company
Anyone (No restrictions)

Setting the Lobby options

Who’s a presenter? This selects who can present content during the meeting.  Meetings must have one presenter join the meeting for it to start:
Anyone from my organization
Only me, the meeting organizer
People I choose
Anyone (no restrictions)

Setting the Presenter options

Do you want to limit participation? The options under this section allow you to Disable IM, Mute all attendees, and Block attendees’ video.  Presenters will still be able to share audio and video.

Setting the Participation options

At the bottom, you can select the Remember Settings button to have these options become your default:

Remember Settings for future meetings

Thanks to Markus Irby for putting together this information!

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