A Vision of Office Graph, Delve, Salesforce and Consumer Social Networking

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 10/17/2014

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As I was writing the introductory articles in our series about Delve, a vision appeared to me.

Microsoft has committed to opening APIs to Office Graph, so that third-party applications and services can send signals to Graph. That’s exciting stuff!

It’s not hard to imagine that the new tight partnership with Salesforce will result in Salesforce CRM activities, information, and relationships being part of Office Graph in the relatively near future.

In one discussion, a Microsoft team member casually tossed out the example that Facebook [or fill-in-the-name-of-your-favorite-social-networking-app] could send signals to Graph.

Imagine the potential of bridging enterprise and consumer social networks!

What if Office Graph knew who I was based on signals from LinkedIn, and knew who my friends were from Facebook.

What if, thanks to Office Graph’s [theoretical] integration with Salesforce, LinkedIn and Facebook, a sales person targeting a big deal in a new account was able to discover through Delve that I used to work for that company, and am close personal friends with the decision maker there?

How powerful would that be? How many of our organizations already support “referral programs” for new business or recruiting? Imagine if those connections could be surfaced automatically?

Obviously, as you extend the concept, there are many considerations (privacy, among them) but there’s also a lot of opportunity. With any new great power comes great responsibility.

Is technology finally becoming smart enough to help us leverage one of the most powerful aspects of humanity… our relationships? Done thoughtfully, this is truly a vision of “wow!”

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