In regards to Bookings, the allure is not at the "company" level, but individual roles. Sales teams could find this valuable in working out client or call meeting times. Internally, it can be used for cross team access. Calendar free/busy works in some cases, but not in all. There are plenty of times you may have an activity booked all or part of day, but that won't preclude taking a call or scheduling something alongside it. This would compliment that and allow you to publishes those slots. It is definitely a tool I think that will find success fairly quickly.

The new Office365 network continues to perplex. I imagine it will eventually round out. Currently there are quite a few places to get help or have discussion on Office 365. Reddit, Quara, Superuser, Serverfault, SharePoint Stackexchange, and the partner Yammer network. None of them have anywhere near the 88k users that were in the open Yammer group, but they also don't have those horrific non-answers you commonly find in the traditional Microsoft Forums (which is one more site you can use).