My First Time with Delve - Nicki Borell

Delve provided relevant documents the first time I used it

Nicki Borell

by Nicki Borell on 11/18/2014

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I first saw Office Graph at SharePoint Conference in March 2014. I couldn’t wait to have it in my own tenant and work with it.

As a consultant, I have a couple of Office 365 tenants. Delve first became available in a tenant we use as a platform together with a customer to manage a project. Delve showed me the latest documents I worked on as well as the most relevant documents from all my colleague. So my first impression was defiantly positive. Without any proactive interaction on my part, I had a personal overview of all relevant information.

Coming in the future, I can’t wait to see Delve include more content sources like Yammer and Exchange, etc. I would love an option to configure the left navigation like we can configure the refiner web part in SharePoint Search to create filters.

With all the upcoming new stuff like the Apps, the Graph Query Language and the REST API, Delve is not only another content aggregation tool for end users. It’s not about searching what we have published; it is about publishing, republishing and targeting information. Delve and the Office Graph are THE upcoming data access technologies.

Topic: SharePoint Online

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