My First Time with Delve - Mikael Svenson

Mikael Svenson

by Mikael Svenson on 11/5/2014

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I actually have two first experiences with Delve. My first experience was via my P-TSP role for Microsoft Norway. And at first I thought it was a really bad experience. It didn’t show much interesting stuff at all. But I was wrong – which I will get back to later.

My second experience was when Delve got rolled out to my employer, Puzzlepart’s, tenant. With my previous experience in my mind I was positively surprised that it was actually very, very good. My trending content was spot on, and right away I spotted interesting documents I hadn’t read or knew existed.

Then I started thinking, why was my first experience so bad? It was because I did not realize my role. As a P-TSP, I communicate with SSPs in Microsoft Norway, and the trending content I was seeing was actually very good in light of that role. And that’s what Delve is all about. It captures your role based on who you work with regardless of organizational structure, and presents content for that role. So when you start using Delve, keep your role(s) in mind, and expect to be positively surprised!

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