My First Time with Delve - Jeff Fried

Pushing beyond the out-of-the-box Delve experience

Jeff Fried

by Jeff Fried on 11/18/2014

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At BA Insight, we store most of our content in SharePoint. This could mean good findability—which is true if we think about “traditional” way of searching. But discovering new, relevant content is not easy at all. For example, if I create a product roadmap document, my colleagues in Marketing cannot find it unless I send them its exact location. They know what they've seen before, but discovering new information has been always critically weak. If I want know what's happening in the company, I have to either visit several sites or figure out the proper queries in Search to be able to find the latest content.

Although we are an expert company in Enterprise Search, we have a bit of the “cobbler’s shoes” situation—discovery is something we definitely have to improve.

Delve is a big help with this. BA Insight's “internal customers” can easily discover what's trending around them and what's relevant. We can make people see what the company is doing—without sending emails back and forth when a content gets created or updated. I use Delve every day—most often to see if the people I am working with have progressed on their tasks and to review or contribute to things when I have time (which is often in the middle of the night). I also regularly explore the view of a colleague or collaborator—I can get a good sense of what’s on their mind with a quick look at Delve.

Actually, at BA Insight, we took Delve beyond out-of-the-box. We created a “trending around my colleagues” view that shows not only the content trending around me but also the content trending around my “closest folks.” This lets us discover a broader range of content, and, therefore, improves our company-wide productivity much more.

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