Surface Book Unboxing

A first look at Microsoft’s ultimate laptop

Corey Roth

by Corey Roth on 10/26/2015

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My wife and I have been waiting weeks to get our hands on the new Microsoft Surface Book. We were quite excited when the FedEx truck pulled up this morning.

FedEx van delivers Microsoft Surface Book

Here is what it looks like through the unboxing experience.

The Surface Book box is securely tucked in between layers of cardboard.

Microsoft Surface Book retail package comes in cardboard layers

After removing one of the cardboard layers, the Surface Book box comes out.

Microsoft Surface Book retail box in bag

The back of the box has all of the specifications of the device. Mine is the i5 / 8 GB / 256 GB model with dedicated video card.

Back of the Microsoft Surface Book box

The box is sealed by a single piece of tape.

Microsoft Surface Book box taped

Opening the box reveals the Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Book package opened

Hidden beneath the Surface Book, we find a small set of instructions and the new Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Book with Surface Pen and Instructions

Here is the instruction book.

Microsoft Surface Book instructions and Surface Pen

The power supply looks similar to the Surface Pro 3 power supply but it is noticeable heavier.  It also features a built-in USB port for charging.

Microsoft Surface Book charger includes a USB charging port

Opening the Surface Book, there is a protective piece of paper over the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Book is covered

Removing the piece of paper, we see the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Book with keyboard attached

Here is a close-up of the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Book keyboard

The top of the Surface Book (the backside of the display) features the Microsoft logo and a camera in the top right.

Microsoft Surface Book with rear-facing camera in top right

The bottom of the Surface Book.

Bottom of Microsoft Surface Book

On the left side of the Surface Book you can see two USB 3 ports and a full size SD card slot. If you have been using an SDXC card in your Surface Pro 3, you’ll need to find an adapter.

Left side of Microsoft Surface Book shows 2 USB ports and slot for SD cards

On the right side of the Surface Book we see the newly labeled Surface Connect power connector as well as a mini display port.

Right-side view of Microsoft Surface Book shows mini display port and power connector slot

Finally, here is a close-up of the new Surface Pen with its new eraser.

Surface Pen and eraser that ships with Microsoft Surface Book

Is Surface Book really the ultimate laptop? Here is my review.

Catch my live comments of working with Surface Book after a few weeks when I appear on Office 365 Pulse.

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