Start to Finish: Creating a Provider-Hosted App in Office 365

Scot Hillier

by Scot Hillier on 10/16/2014

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Check out my new video demonstrating how to quickly get started with Provided-hosted App Development and Azure hosting in the Office 365 environment. NOTE: You will have to register as a member of the Critical Path Training site, but it's worth it!

It's a step-by-step demo on how to:

  • Setup a free Office 365 Developer account
  • Setup a new instance of SharePoint Online in Office 365
  • Create a new Corporate Catalog in SharePoint Online
  • Setup a new Windows Azure subscription
  • Managing Active Directory in Azure to Join your Office 365 and Azure administration
  • Use Visual Studio to create a web app
  • Debug an Azure-hosted web app
  • Create an Azure Web Site
  • Register a Provider-hosted app with SharePoint Online
  • Publish your app to Azure
  • Upload your app to your SharePoint Corporate Catalog
  • Deploy your app with SharePoint Online

Learn how to create your first SharePoint App in Azure

Topic: Development

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