Skype Recording "Save To" Location

It's possible to pick the location where your Skype videos are saved.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 10/14/2016

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Recording Manager, Skype

Today's tip comes to us via Sandra Mahan…

The other day, someone called and indicated that they couldn't find a Skype recording from a meeting they had just completed.  Typically, the default location is C:\Users\r######\Videos\Lync Recordings:
However, you do have the option to change where Skype recordings are saved by clicking the settings icon in Skype for Business, selecting Tools, and Options:
Within the "Skype for Business - Options" window, select Recording and choose the location to save future recordings to.  As a side note, the image resolution is set to a default of 720p HD. We recommend reducing that to 480p in order to reduce you video file size:
Another way to find all of the recent recorded videos is to click the settings icon in Skype for Business, select Tools, then Recording Manager:
This will take you to the Skype for Business Recording Manager where you can rename the file or publish it to a new location:

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