SharePoint Online Document Library's "New" Button Supports Multiple Content Types

The Office 365 update cycle shows its powers once again.

Jasper Oosterveld

by Jasper Oosterveld on 2/9/2015

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I love Office 365! I especially like the monthly release cycle and the new updates and features it gives us. Of course, the release cycle comes with its challenges, but in a release in February 2015, it made me and a lot of business users very happy. What happened? Let me show you!

The release of SharePoint Online 2013 came with an awesome new feature for document libraries that let us finally create new Office documents with just one click on the new button, as you see in the screen below:

Unfortunately, if we attached custom content types, the button stopped working. Instead of seeing the option to select the content types, we saw a pop-up that presented the option to upload a document. That was such a bummer because we had to teach business users to go the ribbon and open the custom content types. This was not very user friendly or logical.

Those days are finally over! I noticed the new ability to create a new custom content type, which is shown below:




Finally! Our custom content types are available after we click on the new button. Awesome. Thanks Microsoft!

What's next? Hopefully the ability to edit content types in the Quick Edit view. A man can dream.

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