SharePoint & Office 365 Podcast Report - October 20, 2014

Andrew Connell

by Andrew Connell on 10/20/2014

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Welcome to the first installment of the SharePoint & Office 365 Podcast Report! In this regular series I will cover some of the recent episodes from some well known SharePoint & Office 365 related podcasts> If you know of a podcast that I’m not covering, please let me know by tweeting me at @andrewconnell.

Today’s installment will look back a few weeks at some recent episodes from some popular podcasts. So let’s dive into it!

MOSS Show Sharepoint Podcast

Host Hilton Giesenow, in episode 93 published on September 14, spoke with Karuana Gatimu, Directory of Strategy and Adoption for Microsoft IT, on her experience and tips in planning and executing SharePoint adoption and strategy.

Office 365 Developer Podcast

Host Jeremy Thake of Microsoft has been on a tear with this podcast releasing six episodes since the first of September!

In episode 14 Jeremy spoke with James Lau of Microsoft on the developer story for OneNote with the public APIs available when accessing notebooks through OneDrive.

In episode 15 he spoke with Andrew Salamatov from the Microsoft Exchange team about Apps for Office in Outlook.

Then in episode 16 I sat down with Jeremy to talk about workflow in SharePoint as well as calling secured web services from SharePoint workflows… something you’ll see me write more about here on ITUnity and on my blog coming soon.

Episode 17 featured Jeremy interviewing Matthias Einig about his product, SPCAF to assist with transforming SharePoint full trust code solutions to the SharePoint app model.

In episode 18 Steve Walker from Microsoft’s Office 365 engineering team joined Jeremy for a discussion on guidance for developers and designers that are customizing the SharePoint user interface.

Finally in episode 19 Jeremy spoke to Waldek Mastykarz, a SharePoint MVP, on using the Office Graph API in creating a Windows Phone application.

Todd Klindt’s Netcast

Todd published two recent episodes of his netcast. The first, episode 216 published on October 6, was actually hosted by Shane Young & Jonathan Mast. They talked about some randomness such as the new social site Ello, docking station options for the Microsoft Surface and then move onto talk about some SharePoint developer stuff.

Todd was back in Episode 217 where he recaps the SPTechCon conference in Boston, he SharePoint & Exchange Forum conference in Stockholm & visiting Chicago for a site visit for the recently announced Ignite conference. Todd then moved onto talk about PowerShell and automatically updating SharePoint Servers

Microsoft Cloud Show

Disclaimer: I’m a co-host of this podcast The Microsoft Cloud Show published a handful of episodes going back to the first of September.

On September 5, 2014, episode 45 featured a discussion between myself and my co-host Chris Johnson on the topic of Office client apps in Office 365.

In Episode 46, published September 11, 2014, CJ & I discussed the recent release of Office Delve.

Then in a series of three episodes CJ & I recapped & interviewed participants of three panels at the SPTechCon conference in Boston: episode 47 on Office 365 & Moving the Cloud, episode 48 on the Office 365 developer panel and episode 49 on the InfoPath / SharePoint Forms panel.

In episode 50 CJ & I interviewed the makers of VisualSP and Content Panda for their context-sensitive help solutions for SharePoint & Office 365.

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