SharePoint & Office 365 Podcast Report - December 8, 2015

Andrew Connell

by Andrew Connell on 12/8/2014

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It's been a little over a month since my first installment of my new series, the SharePoint & Office 365 Podcast Report. Initially my goal was to push this out ever few weeks, but of course right after I started the series, I got bogged down in a few projects trying to get them wrapped up and out the door before I had shoulder surgery and had to go offline and away from my laptop for a while. But we're back!

Today's installment will take a look at episodes of various podcasts that have been published in November 2014!

MOSS Show SharePoint Podcast

On November 10th, Hilton Giesenow published episode 94 (61 minutes) where he spoke with me about developing SharePoint apps. In addition, we spent some time talking about IT Unity as well!

Office 365 Developer Podcast

Host Jeremy Thake of Microsoft continues to deliver a top-notch show, pushing out three solid shows since late October.

In episode 21 (34 minutes), Jeremy Thake talks with Brian Jones about all the announcements we made this week at TechEd Europe.

In episode 22 (45 minutes), Jeremy Thake talks to Suman Chakrabarti about the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices initiative. Suman has been a key member of the group and has been focusing on the Core Libraries and nuget package delivery of this initiative.

Episode 23 (40 minutes) featured Jeremy Thake talking to Chakkaradeep Chandran about the new announcements around the Office 365 tools for Visual Studio 2013.

Todd Klindt's Netcast

Todd has pushed out weekly shows and held true to form, pushing six shows out! Todd also recently switched over to using Google Hangouts for his live netcasts.

In netcast 118 (35 minutes), Todd talked a lot about the last episode. It was the first one done with Google Hangouts. He spent some time talking about what worked and what didn't work. Then he talked about all the bad things that can happen if you have your SharePoint Servers automatically install Windows Updates. On the topic of patches he talked about the process SharePoint goes through when you install a patch. I finish up the netcast talking about DLNA, DIAL, and Miracast.

In netcast 119 (41 minutes), Todd talked about why every web app deserves a site collection in its root, and why you want one there whether you want one there or not. Then he talks about some ways to measure the performance of your hardware, and how to scale your SharePoint farm to match your needs. He then wraps the show up by talking about the latest gadget he's purchased, and how Windows 8.1 and 10 run happily on 7 year old hardware.

Netcast 220 (41 minutes) is chock-full of exciting news. Some good, some less than good. He talk about how you can get unlimited OneDrive by signing up for Office 365. Then he talked about a couple of things that Microsoft is taking away. In a few weeks we'll lose both free Xbox Music Streaming and the free Office Web Apps. Then he talked about his love affair with his new Toshiba Encore Mini and how much fun it is.

In netcast 221 (43 minutes) backup hosts Shane and Jonathan take over again for another mediocre Netcast. They start out the show by talking about some changes in SharePoint training. Then they talk about a great new Twitter account for TV watchers, and the new Microsoft Band fitness device. They finish up talking about Rackspace Cloud OS and how Jonathan has been inspired by me and is starting his own podcast.

In netcast 222 (43 minutes) Todd is back this week and well rested and well informed from my week at the MVP Summit. In this episode he talks about the MVP Summit, without violating any NDAs, of course. Then he talks about a couple of cool new developments with the Office client. Then he slows things down and tell the sad tale of his Lumia 920.

Finally in netcast 223 (38 minutes) Todd talked about a few updates. The November CUs for SharePoint came out, as did an important update for OneDrive for Business. He also shows you how to look into the future and what's going to happen next in Office 365. Then he talked about how you can make my upcoming birthday even more happy. He then finished up by talking about another gadget he's purchased and some tips on how to make SharePoint Search better.

Microsoft Cloud Show

Yup, time for my show!

In episode 51 (28 minutes) AC and CJ take a look at some of the latest news related to Azure.

In episode 52 (42 minutes) published exactly 365 days since episode one on October 21, 2013, AC and CJ talk about the latest Microsoft Azure news as well as discuss a question from a listener on InfoPath.

Episode 53 (49 minutes), AC and CJ talk about the latest Microsoft Azure news.

In the 54th episode (62 minutes), AC and CJ talk about AtScript (a new JavaScript language transpiler) and announcements at TechEd Europe in Barcelona, October 2014.

In episode 55 (52 minutes), AC and CJ interview some developers and IT pros attending the MVP Summit at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington the week of November 3, 2014 to talk about how Office 365 and the cloud are impacting the their day to day lives.

In episode 56 (51 minutes), AC and CJ interview some designers and UX implementers to talk about how Office 365 and the cloud are impacting the their day to day lives.

And finally, in episode 57 (45 minutes), AC and CJ talk about the latest news from Microsoft around open source, Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Azure Podcast

While not a regular to this series, I noticed an episode of a podcast I regularly listen to that I think would interest you as well. In episode 53 of the Azure Podcast, the hosts interviewed a Microsoft consultant on how he setup self-service business intelligence (BI) with SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure.

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