SharePoint Community Predictions for 2015

A synopsis of the Dec 2014 #CollabTalk tweetjam hosted by Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet)

Christian Buckley

by Christian Buckley on 12/31/2014

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I knew this year's tweetjam focusing on predictions for 2015 would be a blockbuster event -- last year when we tried the same thing, we had over 80 participants and just over 800 tweets during the hour. #CollabTalk has grown over the past year, with more and more voices wanting to jump in and participate. I think there is value for everyone in this format. Yes, the pace at which the tweets fly by can make your head spin, but the insights received can be invaluable.

For those who have never participated in a tweetjam, the model we follow is fairly simple: one hour, a pre-defined list of 6 to 8 questions introduced one at a time over the hour, and anyone can participate with the Twitter tool of their choice, simply replying to the question number, and including the #CollabTalk hashtag within their response. That's it. Answer the questions, ask your own follow up questions, reply to others, gather information, and get inspired. As someone who writes a lot, these monthly tweetjams have been a major source of information for me, especially as a way to validate (or correct) some of my own ideas.

As always, I kicked off the topic with a blog post, which included a list of people (and 27 MVPs!) who had agreed to participate in the discussion. Most make it to the event (real life sometimes intercedes), and many more join in real-time. For the Dec 30th tweetjam, we focused on questions about the state of the SharePoint platform, and where we expect to see Microsoft and the community to turn in 2015. The questions included:
  1. Is SharePoint still relevant?
  2. How important is SharePoint’s hybrid support and on prem roadmap to your customers?
  3. What kind of impact is Office365 having on you and your customers?
  4. What does the removal of Office365 features mean for the future?
  5. What 3 features (available or forthcoming) will have the biggest impact on SharePoint in 2015?
  6. What are your predictions for SharePoint as a platform in 2015 and beyond?
  7. If you could give one piece of advice to Microsoft re: SharePoint, what would it be?
Before I jump into some of the highlights, I wanted to share some of the statistics of this tweetjam and highlight the fact that this method can be a very powerful way to reach an audience -- and get them to interact:
  • We reached 297,679 accounts through our participants networks
  • We had 4,283,689 impressions in the one-hour period
  • We generated 1,142 tweets with 126 contributors
These are amazing numbers! The following is a list of our top 25 contributors. While many of our networks overlap, the analytics tool used to capture this data (Tweetreach) understands this and tracks the incremental results:

Following each tweetjam, I sometimes (like this time) pull down a detailed report from Tweetreach so that I can take my time to dig through the conversation and follow up with individuals. But after every event I use Storify to generate a tweet-by-tweet summary of the tweetjam, pulling out simple retweets and noise so that participants can comb back through this rich data - and those who missed the event can still receive some value. You can find some of our past tweetjams on my Storify profile.

While I am not going to attempt to summarize the entire tweetjam here, I thought I'd provide a sampling of some of the interactions:

Hopefully this sampling has inspired you to take a closer look.

Looking forward to 2015, I've made some of my own predictions, and for the #CollabTalk tweetjams -- get ready for lots more. 

But as you've probably noticed, we're also launching a new program under the #CollabTalk brand. In addition to regular tweetjams on targeted topics, we have combined forces with ITUnity to launch an entirely new #CollabTalk show. Think of it as a panel-led video blog, hosted by myself (@buckleyplanet), Benjamin Niaulin (@bniaulin), Naomi Moneypenny (@nmoneypenny), and Marc Anderson (@sympmarc), where we'll cover the current SharePoint and Office 365 topics -- with a business and end user focus. It'll be fun and informative, and hopefully will become a part of your regular monthly content consumption.

You can register here to join us for our inaugural broadcast on January 20th at 10am Pacific where we'll be discussing public sites in Office 365, the future of hybrid SharePoint environments, the new Office 365 Groups capability, and new offerings such as OfficeMix and Sway. And, of course, during the broadcast, you can post questions and feedback to Twitter using the #CollabTalk hashtag.

Have a great New Year!

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