Setting notification options for Persistent Chat in Skype for Business

How to keep yourself from going crazy when using Persistent Chat

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 11/18/2016

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If you're like me, you belong to one or more Persistent Chats in Skype where the information requires immediate attention when posted. You have a number of options available for fine-tuning the level (and annoyance) of notifications in your groups, both as a default and for custom settings for a specific group.

To change a specific group's notification, go into the Persistent Chat list, right-click on the group in question, and select Change Notification Settings:
You have the option to set the notification for that chat to either use the default chat settings (right after this image), or to customize them:
If you want to have all your chats use a single method, select Tools > Options:
Under Persistent Chat, you can set the default options you want your chats to use if you haven’t specifically customized one of them:
Hope that helps!

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