Using Quick Steps in Outlook

Outlook Quick Steps can simplify those repetitive email tasks.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 8/29/2016

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Do you find yourself replying to certain emails with the same text, over and over again? There is a cool way you can make that task a little easier... check out the Outlook Quick Steps!

From the Outlook ribbon bar, click the small arrow in the lower right corner of Quick Steps:

Outlook Quick Steps in the Ribbon Bar

Choose New:

Managing your Quick Steps options

In our example, we'll choose "New e-mail to:":

New email choice in Quick Steps

Give your new Quick Step a name, indicate who the message will be sent to and then click the Finish button. There are also additional options available by clicking on the Options button.

New email options in Quick Steps

Additional Actions available from the Options section:

Additional options in Quick Steps

Now, every time you need to send a quick email, you can click on the Quick Step you created and have it automatically formatted and ready to go.

Entry for new email in Quick Steps

New Quick Steps email

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