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Scot Hillier

by Scot Hillier on 2/1/2013

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Available now in the SharePoint Store for O365


The Print List App provide a print view for issues, custom, task, links, announcements, events, and contacts lists in Office 365 sites. The following figure shows the print button in the ribbon of a supported list.


Privacy Policy: We do not collect or share personal information with this app.



Figure 1, Print Button


After printing the list, you can click the title of the list to return to the main SharePoint site.


Figure 2, Return to SharePoint Site


The Print List App has a setting that lets you specify which view to use when printing. To change the setting, first click the Site Contents link. Then click the Print List tile. Finally, click the Settings link. On the Settings page, you may select from "Default", "Current", or "Print".


"Default" uses the default view of the list.
Note: Calendar view are not supported, but event lists are supported.

"Current" uses the view displayed when the print button was pushed.
Note: The "Current" view option is not supported if the "Minimal Download Strategy" feature is enabled on the site. Instead the app will use the Default view regardless of the setting.


"Print" looks for a view named "Print"
Simply create a new view named "Print" within the target list to use this option.


That's all there is to it!




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