Gather Information and Parameters Required During Setup

by Dan Holme on 2/15/2014

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Before you begin installation and configuration, you must collect information that is required during the installation. Use the following items as a preinstallation checklist:

  • You must know the user name and password for each of the administrative and service accounts [ADD LINK***] required to install and configure SharePoint.

  • You must know the SQL Server server name and instance name, and the SQL alias [ADD LINK***] that will be used to refer to the SQL server and instance.

  • You will be prompted for a configuration database name. Determine a naming strategy for SharePoint databases.

    A typical name for the farm configuration database is SharePoint_Config. However, if your SQL Server database will service multiple farms, your naming convention should provide a way to easily determine the configuration database for a specific farm.

  • You will be prompted for a port on which to host Central Administration. You must determine this port based on your network infrastructure. The port must be allowed through firewalls that sit between the Central Administration application and the clients from which administrators will access Central Administration.

  • You will be prompted for a farm passphrase. You must determine this.

    You use the farm passphrase when making certain changes to the farm, such as when adding a new server to the farm. With the farm passphrase, an administrator can perform farm-level changes without needing to know the password for the SharePoint farm account (SP_Farm). The farm passphrase should be long, complex, unique, and should not be the same as the password used by any of the SharePoint administrative or service accounts. Be sure to document the password and store it in a physically secure location.

  • You must know the product key or trial key. You must enter the product key during setup, but you can change it later in Central Administration.

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