OneDrive for Business App to Be Removed from the Windows Store

The OneDrive for Business App for Windows 8.1 will be removed March 27, 2015

Corey Roth

by Corey Roth on 2/20/2015

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According to an update just released Feb. 19, 2015, in the Office 365 Message Center, the OneDrive for Business app will be removed from the Windows Store March 27, 2015. Once the app is removed, users will be no longer able to install the Windows Store app (aka Metro or Modern application). Instead, Microsoft recommends using the OneDrive for Business app (desktop version), Web browser, or mobile apps such as Windows Phone, Android or IOS.

OneDrive for Business app will be removed from the Windows Store on March 27, 2015

With the consolidation we are already seeing between the consumer OneDrive offering and OneDrive for Business on other platforms such as Android, this really is no surprise. I can only assume this makes way for future improvements that we will see in the release of Windows 10. In my experience, most users really only use the desktop version (included in Office 2013) or the mobile versions on other platforms. As a result, this shouldn’t affect very many users. Still, with the removal of the OneDrive for Business app from the Windows store, it’s interesting to consider what’s ahead for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business in the next version of Windows.

If you use OneDrive for Business on your Surface Pro 3, it will still work if you use the version included in Office 2013. However, for those wanting to sync documents on their Windows RT devices such as the Surface 2, you’ll soon be out of luck.

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