Office Online News: Useful Enhancements to Online Formatting in Word and PowerPoint

Eric Riz

by Eric Riz on 6/28/2015

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Some of us live and die by the fact that Microsoft tools such as Word and PowerPoint automatically correct our misspellings and the occasional punctuation error. The functionality has, in many ways, increased the effectiveness of business writing and reduced the time we would have spent correcting errant mistakes.

In a post to Office Blogs, June 25, 2015, Microsoft announced that Office Online is releasing new autocorrect features, plus making automatic and intuitive changes such as capitalizing first letters and adding Format Painter. To those of us who are addicted to tapping out emails on our smartphones, this is a welcome change as we have become accustomed to this simple leisure. Though Microsoft did not release all functional details, my hope is that a double space will also produce a period at the end of a sentence.

For those of you who are PowerPoint junkies, another new feature will see object formatting and the Smart Guides functionality released to the Online product. For desktop users, this is the functionality that provides line-guides to align objects with other content. PowerPoint Online will also let you create and format tables. Watch for these updates to be released to the Online suite in the coming weeks.

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