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by IT Unity Staff on 11/17/2014

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On November 18, 2014, Microsoft launched Office 365 Video, the first version of its out-of-box corporate video portal. Users can upload, share, and consume video content through a familiar structure of channels within a portal. Thanks to seamless integration with Azure Media Services, video content is rendered and streamed to provide a superior experience across platforms and devices.

Watch and learn

IT Unity is stepping up to help the SharePoint & Office 365 communities succeed with Office 365 Video as Microsoft deploys the new feature over the coming weeks.

The IT Unity CommUNITY is proud to announce:

The launch of our Office 365 Video series

Follow our new series, launched to coincide with the release of Office 365. Articles that have been published to this series to date include:

These articles will help you get up to speed with Office 365 Video and understand the role it can play in your organization. We'll add more to the series over the coming weeks to give you the business and technical “angles” on this exciting new portal.

November 20: Office 365 YamJam

Microsoft will host a YamJam about Office 365 Video on Thursday, November 20 at 9am Pacific Time (PST, GMT-8), on the Office 365 Network. Soon thereafter, an Office 365 Video group will be hosted on the same Yammer network.

Coming soon: Office 365 Video Unveiled

IT Unity will host a free webinar unveiling Office 365 Video in January 2015. We'll announce dates and presenters here.

More resources

You can learn more about Office 365 Video and engage with the community with the resources below:


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