Office 365 Developer Podcast Marks a Year

Eric Riz

by Eric Riz on 7/22/2015

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Office 365 Developer Podcast with Jeremy Thake and Richard DiZerega

In recent years, companies have branched out from traditional communication mediums to include other, previously non-traditional ways to connect with their audiences. While most consumers of business information are used to articles and whitepapers, more companies have taken to the airwaves to get their message across to other users via podcast. A year ago, Microsoft introduced the Office 365 Developer Podcast to push these free, subscription-based services, through a variety of devices.

The Office 365 Developer Podcast, hosted by Jeremy Thake, recently completed its first year of weekly podcasts, with an interview with Office 365 MVP Mark Rackley highlighting client-side-development. Since beginning the show, Thake says he has seen his listeners increase to over 20,000, while providing the insights that only Jeremy can. Along with co-host Richard DiZerega, the show is a mashup of Microsoft technical goodness, providing deep interviews with many known SharePoint and Office 365 personalities.

Originally used as a tool to broaden the reach of the Microsoft development team into the developer community, Thake described the concept of the podcast originally as a tool to build “a personal touch” with people. From Microsoft’s perspective, the podcast is seen as hugely successful with developers connecting with Jeremy and Richard at different levels because they have heard of, or listened to, the show.

“I got feedback that I was too plain on my own introducing the show at the beginning for the first 15 minutes,” said Thake. “I started looking for a co-host and Richard, being a good friend, and having spent a lot of time with him on the road at conferences, seemed an obvious choice to come on board. He’s a really smart guy who I’m envious of. He gets way more time to code than I do in my role. He’s been great and has a quirky sense of humor that really helps brighten up the show every week!”

The podcast, which has an average running time of approximately 45 minutes, is widely known throughout Microsoft circles as a fun thing to be a part of. Though I have never been interviewed for it myself, I have many times watched an interview and seen Jeremy pop a microphone out of his bag in the strangest of places, such as a bar or party.

When I asked Jeremy which of his first 52 shows was his favorite, the answer took seconds for him to come up with. “The one with Jones.” Thake says that interviewing Brian Jones on the Engineering team was the one he enjoyed most. The episode, which followed up on announcements made at TechEd Europe in October 2014, focused on the new Office 365 extensibility, API sandbox and Office Dev training. Though there were no barroom interviews in that podcast, Jeremy said the level of depth Brian was able to get into in such a short period of time, was outstanding.

Looking ahead to the next 52 episodes, Thake has plans to broaden the show to reach outside the Microsoft audience. “Every web developer in the world needs to know what they can build on the MS platform, whether that is on,, Office 365, etc.”

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Microsoft sees the huge value of providing inside information to the Dev community. In a post to the Office Blogs on July 17, 2015, the Office Dev team announced a new dedicated show on Channel 9 for Office development related topics and news, hosted by Sonya Koptyev called The Office Dev Show.

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