Office 365 Developer Announcements from TechEd Europe 2014

Office 365 SDKs and Tools reach general availability, the new App Launcher & new iOS SDK!

Andrew Connell

by Andrew Connell on 10/28/2014

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This week Microsoft announced quite a few things related to Office 365 at TechEd Europe in Barcelona, Spain. It all started on Monday where they announced OneDrive now offers unlimited storage for Office 365 subscribers at no additional cost. This is quite a change from the rest of the online storage market… you can learn more from the announcement on Office Blogs: OneDrive now with Unlimited Storage for Office 365 Subscribers.

Office 365 APIs Now Generally Available (GA)

The first big announcement we heard from Microsoft is that they are removing the “preview” label from the Office 365 APIs. These APIs are OData 4.0 endpoints, meaning they are RESTful services AND they are also versioned. The latter part is quite a change from the previous APIs we’ve had in Office 365 and SharePoint. You can target a specific version of the API by putting the version of the endpoint in the URL, for instance: http://../api/v1.0/.

The 1.0 version of the Office 365 APIs started rolling out to Office 365 tenants on Monday, October 27th, and it should take roughly a week or two to make it to everyone.

Of course the next question: when can these same APIs be available in on-premises SharePoint deployments? At the present they are looking at what makes sense from an on-premises vs. a cloud offering and what will make it into the next release, but at this time, there’s no information on that.

Office Developer Tools Now Generally Available (GA)

The next big announcement from TechEd Europe is that the Office Developer Tools that have been updated numerous times over the months in the form of a Preview mode are also having their “preview” label removed and updated. If you already have the existing preview tools from the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery - Office 365 API Tools Preview, you will get a little notification that you can update your tools to the latest version.

This will give you the ability to add connected services on your project that will wire up to Office 365 and add a bunch of libraries to your project so you don’t have to do raw REST calls to the Office 365 APIs.

Looking for the Office 365 REST API reference documentation? Look no further than MSDN: Office 365 REST APIs Reference.

Native Office 365 Developer Tools for iOS

In the name of bring more open, we saw the Office team release an SDK for Android development on their GitHub account: OfficeDev - Office 365 SDK for Android Preview. Well this week at TechEd Europe, the Office team is also releasing an iOS SDK for native iOS development enabling users to interact with the Office 365 APIs that went GA this week. The iOS SDK supports the traditional Objective-C language for native iOS development and Swift support is coming soon!

With this announcement, it completes the cross-platform promises from Office 365 as you have native SDKs and tools regardless if you are building for the Windows, Windows Phone, iOS or Android platforms!

Introducing the Office 365 App Launcher

Previewed ahead of TechEd Europe in the Office team blog post, the App Launcher will make it easier for people to find the apps they have installed and can work within Office 365. When you click the launcher, located in the top-left corner of the screen, it will fly out and show you all the apps you have installed.

Users can customize their App Launcher by installing additional apps or pin new apps to their own experiences.

For developers, the App Launcher will allow for second and third-party apps to extend the App Launcher to their own experience.

Updates to Dev.Office.Com - API Playground

But wait, there’s more! The developer portal for Office and Office 365 developers is getting a lot of updates this week and going forward. On addition is a playground for people to try out the Office 365 APIs and SDKs. This works very similar to the TypeScript playground that shows you what JavaScript is generated from TypeScript on the fly. Check out the Office 365 API Sandbox today!

Check out the Office team’s announcement on everything related to TechEd Europe on their blog: New Office 365 Extensibility for Windows, iOS, Android and Web Developers.

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