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Scot Hillier

by Scot Hillier on 4/24/2013

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Originally published on 4/4/2013 and reproduced here for reference

Recently, I was commissioned by Microsoft to create a set of sample apps for SharePoint 2013. The goal was to create samples that demonstrated various techniques in the context of doing something useful. The following table is the complete list of the sample apps, which I will update as they are completed.


NOTE 1: I have additional app samples posted on CodePlex at


NOTE 2: You can also access these samples by running a simple search of the MSDN code sample site.






Corporate Calendar


This is a search-based application that aggregates events from the entire site collection and displays them.

Demonstrates the Search API RESTful endpoint and the use of the FullCalendar jQuery plug-in

Custom OData Source


An app that performs CRUD operations against a custom OData source

Demonstrates the use of the WebAPI with an app.

Due This Week


This is a search-based app that looks for things that are assigned to me and due in the next week.

Demonstrates the use of the profile service and search service to find tasks for the current user and subordinates.

ECT Dashboard


Creates a dashboard of information based on the Northwind OData source

Demonstrates how to use multiple external content types in an app for SharePoint to create a dashboard.

Employee Directory


This is an app that presents an employee directory in A-Z format sorted by Last Name/First Name

Demonstrates the Search API RESTful endpoint and the MVVM pattern with knockout.js

Feed Deck


This is an app that presents a Tweet-Deck-style interface for the social feed

Demonstrates the use of the profiles and social APIs.

Feed Deck 2


This is a different version of the app

Contains both REST and CSOM samples

Flight Status


This is an app that will use sources on the Internet to provide flight status

Demonstrates using a secure, cloud-based RESTful service to provide data to an app that displays the status and maps the route of a commercial airline flight.

How Do I…?


This is an app that allows the user to ask a question and then searches a list in the app for answers.

Demonstrate the deployment of a list, site columns, site content types, and data programmatically with JavaScript

Join a Community


This is a search-based application that allows you to search for community sites in SharePoint, see the description, see some of the news feed, and join

Deomonstrates the use of app-only permissions from a provider-hosted app. Let's user search for communities to join.

Line-of-Business Notifications


This is a solution that receives event notifications in SharePoint when data changes in an external system.

Demonstrates the use of Business Connectivity Services event notifications. (Another excellent sample by Chris Givens is here).

Northwind OData


This is an app that access the public Northwind OData source

Shows how to utilize public OData sources

OData Extension Providers


These are samples that show how to secure a BCS call to OData.

Demonstrates the use of the OData Extension Provider.



This is an app that uses HTML 5 to create the classic paint application

Demonstrates the use of the HTML5 canvas to create a "Paint" app.

Search App


This is a simple app showing access to the Search endpoint

Shows how to access the search endpoint with JSOM.

Social Tasks


The user can view posts and click a button to turn a selected post into a new task, which is added to a task list on the current site

Demonstrates the REST and CSOM social interfaces.

Sticky Notes


This is an app that allows you to have a bunch of “sticky notes”

Demonstrates HTML5 concepts to create a unique UI for managing a list.

Student Housing


This is an app that allows a student to request housing for a college semester.

Demonstrates workflow.

System Alerts


This is an app that provides a central place to create announcements and these announcements can be seen anywhere that the client web part is dropped.

MVC4 app written with the CSOM in C#. Demonstrates how to create a client app part from an autohosted app.



This is an app that allows reaches into a document library and allows you to select a document for translation

Demonstrates the use of the Translation service.



This is an app that uses HTML5 geolocation to display your current weather

Demonstrates how to use HTML5 geolocation and JSON with Padding (JSONP) to make cross-domain calls from this app to a secured RESTful service in the cloud (WeatherBug).

Word to PDF


This is an app that adds a command extension to document libraries for converting a Word document to PDF

Demonstrates the creation of a REST service for use against the server-side object model. The service is then consumed by an app.



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