Microsoft Reorgs Office Group Around Common Tasks

Brad Sams

by Brad Sams on 6/16/2016

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Ask anyone at Microsoft about how stable the organizational chart is right now and they will tell you that it is highly fluid and appears to always be changing. With many people at the company moving offices (again) and adapting to a new organizational chart, we are hearing of yet another reorganization inside of the Office team.

Julie Larson-Green, speaking to Bloomberg, said that they have changed the organizational structure of the Office team to be focused on common tasks. Specifically, the company combined PowerPoint, Word and Sway teams around workflow (ideas for content creation and storytelling) and the Excel, Access and Microsoft forms teams plus teams that focus on data manipulation and data visualization will now work more closely together.

The objective of the reorg, according to Larson-Green, is to have the teams focus on the task they are trying to complete and not the tools. By putting like-minded teams together who are targeting the same challenges, the goal is to make the Office team better at solving common tasks more efficiently.

Office is a critical cornerstone of Microsoft’s productivity platform and its transition to turning the software into a service has worked exceptionally well for the company. For the company’s latest quarter, they stated that they had 22.2 million consumer subscribers.

With Microsoft moving teams closer together around common tasks, it will be interesting to watch how this new driving force manifests itself inside of the Office suite. Even though it will likely take many months or even years to see this change of agenda take shape in how features are developed, it all starts with a reorganization and a mandate from management. 

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