Microsoft Adds an Office 365 Developer Show

Eric Riz

by Eric Riz on 8/3/2015

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On July 17, 2015, Microsoft announced a new show to their lineup of development shows and podcasts for Office 365 developers looking to get that extra bit of information right from the source. Microsoft developed the Office Dev Show, hosted by Office 365 Technical Product Manager Sonya Koptyev, to cover the development-related areas that users have asked for. Microsoft’s goal with the Office Dev Show is to discuss features, capabilities and extensibility of Office 365 not otherwise currently found in the Office community.

“Using this video medium, we can actually show code and focus on getting developers up and running quickly,” says Koptyev. Viewers can download the show, which is available from Channel 9 on Wednesdays at 9am PST. Microsoft films the show in Microsoft’s studios on the Redmond campus.

The genesis for the show, Sonya explains, started during the preparation for Microsoft’s successful Build and Ignite shows in April and May this year. As the teams prepared to film content live at these events on the Channel 9 set, Sonya noted the opportunity to provide the developer content within this forum. When the team returned to Redmond after the conference, they noted the success and interest for developer content.

When planning for the upcoming fiscal (FY16, which began July 1), Sonya put together content strategy and auditioned for the show. “Everyone liked it!” Koptyev notes. “When we looked at the content we wanted to cover, it was obvious that we had more than a bi-weekly show on our hands.” Now, with three shows under their belt and an impressive number of viewers already, the show is scheduled weekly and Sonya has built out topics through January. Sonya continued, “The smaller, deeper show allows us to really get hands-on quickly. Our format allows us to take a scenario provided by users and build a solution right on the program. Microsoft is looking for additional ways to connect with the expanding developer community. Adding the show allows more and more people the direct connection to what’s happening internally here at Microsoft.” The community can reach out to us directly via Twitter or any of the links on the show’s homepage.

With the success of the Office 365 Developer Podcast hosted by Jeremy Thake and now the Office Dev Show, Microsoft has clearly found creative ways to reach out to their growing development community. Koptyev has big plans for the show, including Office 365, SharePoint and Office content, as well as mobile development from other platforms integrating into the Office stack.

Sonya explained that she is looking forward to having Jeremy on the show in the fall to review the Hackathons he will be covering at conferences later this year. Sonya also invited me on the program in November to discuss Microsoft’s technical strategy, so watch for that show when it goes live ahead of Thanksgiving.

Fun Facts on the Office Dev Show:

Episode/Show Date


(at time of writing)


Episode 1: July 17, 2015

Yina Arenas


Unified API

Episode 2: July 22, 2015

Richard diZerega


Getting Started (Extensibility)

Episode 3: July 29, 2015

Vesa Juvonen


Patterns and Practices

The audience views of the Office Dev Show are encouraging! (These numbers come from Channel 9.)

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