Metalogix customer discusses his use of Metalogix products

Find out why Kristopher Roy uses Metalogix

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 4/22/2014

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Your peers are your best resource when it comes to choosing a third-party product to make your life with SharePoint easier. Here's what a Metalogix customer had to say about his choice of products. For an independent perspective on Metalogix Diagnostic Manager, this hands-on review by Chris McNulty.

Problem: How to manage the complexity of a large SharePoint environment

Options: Purchase various web parts and products from different third-parties; build homegrown solutions as issues arise; invest in a comprehensive suite of products


“Metalogix is the leader in management tools for Microsoft content and collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Exchange, and Office 365. Metalogix tools provide a better way to monitor, migrate, store, synchronize, archive, govern and backup content.”

What you should know

Studies have shown that most trusted way to learn about a product is to ask someone who has used it. Firsthand experience is the best teacher, and I recently had the opportunity to talk to Kristopher Roy, who is a SharePoint Engineer for Pyrotek (www. and a customer of Metalogix. Kris took the time to tell me about his experience company’s SharePoint implementation and his use of Metalogix products.

Kris’ company, Pyrotek, supplies aluminum, foundry, glass, zinc, steel, noise control, and hearth customers with performance-improving technical products, integrated processing systems, and consulting services worldwide.

As the SharePoint engineer, Kris, said, he has “a couple thousand users. They’re spread all over the world, speak many different languages, and have different IT personnel in different locations.”

Kris was aware that the company needed management software, “and the security aspect was the huge part: being able to manage it centrally, easily.”

With such a diverse group of SharePoint users, Kris knew he faced a major challenge: “As the SharePoint guy, I know what’s going to happen. All these people are going to start tweaking and doing their own thing with SharePoint. Pretty soon, the permissions are going to be out of control. All the controls that I put in place will slowly disappear. So having a tool that I could not only use to manage all that, but that I could also set up with rules to manage for me was absolutely critical.”

Kris ended up choosing Metalogix ControlPoint. “We did an extremely thorough testing process between all the different tools. In the end, we felt that Control Point was the most robust for us and had everything we wanted. We also thought the Metalogix support model was amazing. It was awesome. For me that was huge. I know from having used it that they’re just amazing. I put in a ticket, and within an hour, I get a call back. We are always able to get things fixed.”

The method Kris used for evaluating products is a model for anyone looking at a purchasing decision. “My management wanted to see something tangible about how I made the decision. When you’re spending that kind of money, management wants to know the reason,” Kris said.

Kris explained his methodology: “I had a checklist that included all the features we felt were important to us. Obviously, security trimming, some of the management tools for being able to control the different sites and set up rules were important. I took that list and applied it to each suite of software. Does it have that feature? How well does it do it? Then I could go down the list and compare the percentages.”

According to Kris, the decision was clear when he reviewed the data, and his management was convinced.

Metalogix products are in use throughout Kris’ SharePoint environment. “We’ve been using Change Manager as our migration tool. We’ve all SharePoint 2013 now, and I used Change Manager for moving content from site to site, which is great because otherwise, I’d have to do it manually every time we made changes. And that is not a lot of fun.”

In addition, Kris noted, “We have Metalogix SharePoint Backup. Why did I want a backup solution that was specific to SharePoint? In the past, everything was all Microsoft backups. I used SQL Server backups and Windows backups. Unfortunately, in a mission critical SharePoint environment, when somebody hoses up something bad enough that you need to restore, it’s not a small issue. The reason that I pushed for us to get a backup product that’s specific to SharePoint was the granularity part. That’s huge. You just can’t get that in any other solution, even running PowerShell. You still had to back up an entire site at one time. That was about as granular as you could get.”

The result, Kris recalled, was that “you’d have to restore that site to some kind of different environment and then pull out the one thing that the user had lost or broken, and restore it.”

With the Metalogix solution, Kris found, “you have more capability.” In addition, Kris and his team liked the user interface. “It was very intuitive, very easy to use.”

Kris realized that users need immediate help when things go wrong, and Metalogix gave him that ability. “Especially when you’ve got something critical—which is always when people break things—you want to be able to get it right back because it could be right before an important meeting, or even in a meeting. So that was our push for why we wanted the specific SharePoint backup solution.”


Metalogix has a vast array of products, and the company’s web site provides indepth information on the products, as well as plenty of resources such as demos, customer case studies, white papers, and webinars, and downloads.

If you have used Metalogix products, let us know how your experience has been. You can contact me at [email protected], or provide your comments below.

Topic: SharePoint and Office 365

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