Leveraging Delve on Your Office 365 Intranet

Michal Pisarek

by Michal Pisarek on 3/16/2015

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Delve on Office 365 provides some amazing capabilities because it uses machine learning to show content that is relevant to you based on activity from your colleagues, personal actions or interests. As Microsoft continues to invest into the Delve platform, it has opened up a range of APIs that now allow for the creation of custom functionality using the intelligence Delve has to offer.

Throughout the development of our Bonzai Online product for Office 365, we thought about the many ways we could leverage Delve in an intranet scenario. It turns out that there are some really amazing ways to use the power of Delve on our Office 365 intranet. I’ll describe some of them in this article.

Trending Content Web Part

An intranet should be more than communication. It should also serve as a place to inform, engage and enable your users. Having a mixture of content that serves different purposes on an intranet is vital to getting a wide range of engagement across different user types and groups.

One way to do this would be to have Delve trending results right on your intranet homepage. Not only would this drive people to your intranet, it allows the intranet to be a core productivity tool by showing key content relevant to them. Creating a Web Part that shows these Delve results on your homepage is very easy and powerful—Delve provides the ability to easily show customized content based on the user.

Delve can show trending results in your intranet Delve results can show trending topics. Here you see them in the bottom right corner in an intranet page.

Content You Have Viewed or Edited

Delve tracks the documents that you have edited or viewed. You can imagine how useful this information can be on an intranet. Imagine if I could land on my intranet and see the last 10 items that I have edited anywhere in Office 365? If you are anything like me you are always looking for that document that you recently viewed or edited.

Not only can you get Delve to show you all the documents that you have edited, but it can also show you all the documents that you have viewed (this is all out-of-the-box Delve functionality)! To me, this is incredible. On an intranet, imagine the power this brings:

  • A policies and procedures (P&P) area where you can show what P&Ps that users haven't viewed before and new ones of interest to them
  • Having a list of the last 10 documents you edited listed on your intranet homepage (imagine how much more engagement and usage this would drive to your intranet)
  • Showing users new intranet content that has been published but not yet viewed by them

Trending Content in this Site

At the moment when you go to your Delve start screen in Office 365, you see content that is trending across all the SharePoint sites you have access to. Wouldn't it be useful if you could use Delve to show content that is trending in a particular site? For example, it would be great to see what content is trending on your intranet. More specifically, you can see trending news, events, safety information, policies and more.

We came across a free app from Mavention that shows you exactly this! They also have a range of apps that they have built on Office 365 that leverage Delve that are well worth downloading!

Mavention has a free app that lets you see Delve results trending in a site.
A free app from Mavention lets you see content from a particular site.

In Conclusion

Delve really offers unlimited possibilities by using machine learning to better inform, engage and enable users on your intranet. Being able to show content related only to you and show trending content on your intranet is just the start. We are definitely going to keep a close eye on all the Delve developments at Microsoft to see how we can further improve Bonzai in future releases. It is tools like these that will make your intranet a core business and productivity tool and we can't wait to learn what else we can do with Delve.

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